Monday, 21 July 2014

Alice in Rehearsal-Land

Hey Guys!

I'm such a cheap skate that even in Primark I'll go straight to the sale section! But lucky I did this time because for a fabulous fiver I picked up this spaghetti strap, swing style dress. What makes it 100% better is the Alice in Wonderland print. I also picked up a t-shirt with a beautiful Bambi print which you'll get to see soon. That was a total barg too at only £3!

This is one of my more casual outfit for working at the Primary school. Since the kids are mid-rehearsals for their school play I wanted to be able to bounce up onto the stage and do ma thang. Whether that be moving props, changing scenery or totally taking over their part and doing it how I think it should be done (Not gonna lie, even when they did the 'thank you's at the end of the play they noted how one day the Headteacher wondered in and saw me running the rehearsal. Some would say helpfully running the rehearsal, other's may say being a control freak and making sure things get done her way or the highway! HeHe!). Leggings are best for being able to keep up with the energetic (autocorrect changed that to angelic, hmmm) kids, along with the trainers. But since this is Row Bow these aren't any sort of trainers or typical sporty trainers, they are delightfully over the top floral print hi-tops. Go Row!  Keeping my hair off my face and back is good during these kind of days and also keeps me cool in the heat. I am totally obsessed with Heidi Braids. They're super cute and easy to do. They last all day too which is fab so I can concentrate on the task as opposed with fiddling with ma hurrr all day!

I'm not an avid listener of Boyce Avenue, however I think I might start becoming one upon hearing Speed Limit. Helpfully, I've no idea when Speed Limit was released but it was sometime earlier in the year and the video was uploaded 18th May, so that's not too long ago. I really like my country sounds and the vocals have that slight twang which sounds more passionate in the otherwise dancey chorus. If I didn't know the title I'd have been singing 'we gotta live out lives with no spiel in it', as in no nonsense, Silly Me!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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