Monday, 28 July 2014

A Holiday Wardrobe: 3 Looks From Quiz Clothing

Hey Guys!

Whilst perusing the Aladdin's cave of garments Quiz Clothing have to offer at the moment, it struck me that (as well as finding myself wanting it ALL) it would make such a great holiday wardrobe. I've got a lot of loving for all their beautiful Kimonos at the moment #justsaying. I've put together 3 lovely looks which are must haves in your suitcase this summer (only if you're going to a warm, sunny place though. You might get a wee bit chilly if you're venturing on an expedition to Antarctica...)

Kimono - Top Shorts - Shoes Bracelets

The most important thing when chilling on a plane for umpteen hours is comfort. If you've decided to go with the tightest skinny jeans and a bralet top that is on the rise every 10 minutes, you've really brought that upon yourself. I suggest these little lace shorts, which won't cut into you as you wriggle into the best napping position. A pretty patterned top gives the effect you've tried hard to perfect this look and the bracelets add a little pizzaz. This is the perfect part of the trip with put on as many of those gorgeous-kimonos-that-wouldn't-fit into-your-suitcase-OR-hand-luggage on!

Kimono - Shoes - Shorts - Top

When taking a trip to the beach or pool, the last thing you want is to be in your best ball gown and matching boa and then dragging a massive bag with a change of clothes in. It's just a recipe for disaster! I think these easy going cut off shorts are the perfect slip-on-slip-off wear if you fancy taking a quick dip. Jelly shoes are a must on holiday, if only to emote the childhood memories (#demfeelsman). Finally for a wonder around the beach this crochet top is a super snazzy cover up when thrown on onto of your bikini.

So I'll admit I just couldn't decide which one garment I'd want to wear to dinner on holiday! But a good, relaxing holiday always entails more than one snazzy evening out so why not pack all three look just to be safe. These accessories would look amazing with any of the pieces, making more room for bikinis (obvs need a new one everyday, right?)! I chose the brilliant white platform sandals as a chunky heel is always more comfortable than a little stiletto. They'd make the classier dresses look a little cool combining a lady-like appeal with less elegant but still fabulous footwear. The aqua earrings would match the playsuit beautifully, adding a little bit of sparkle to the look. But also be a great hint of colour to the monochrome dress.

Wow, with all this advice you'd never guess that the Row Bow clan holiday in the cold rainy depths of Scotland, would you? Happy Holidays!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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