Thursday, 5 June 2014

What Is That On Your Head, Row?

Hey Guys!

So do you remember what I said in my last work wear post (refresh your memory here)? I like to bring a different theme to my look each week. This week I went for a bit of Swag-Swag-Swag-on-Row. As soon as I walked into work, "What are we wearing today?' and "What is that on your head?' comments. What can I say? I'm a head turner, hehe! Basically, my wonderfully kind and thoughtful Mother decided to pick up the fluorescent pink hat when she saw it super cheap in Primark. Somehow she thought it was perfect for me and would be a great addition to my styling kit. (Don't worry, I would never dream of putting a poor model in as grotesque a hat as this!) I'm not gonna lie, I was flabbergasted when she showed me the hat. I'm sure you all get moments like that too. Just when you thought your Mumma really understood you and knew who you were they pull out a wild card. I'm not a hat person anyway as my bouncy curls ping out from every angle around the bottom of the hat. But I made my best effort to modify the hat into a wearable state. I added the lovely pink fascinator by simply clipping it on. Its made out of a very sheer and thin material so it didn't photograph in bright sunlight too well.

Once I had the hat done, I was trying to work out what would go well with it. I went for a 2-toned purple outfit with plum shade top and a royal purple skater skirt. I always, always, always slide a tan belt through the belt loops of the skirt. So this time I mixed it up a bit and kept it up with a pale, long, thin scarf. In keeping with the blue tones I wore the denim shirt as a 'jacket' for the look. I think it works well as it appears oversized and a little more 'street'. I really couldn't wear any other shoes. It had to be these bulky, floral print trainers. They are my attempt at High-Tops, but they're just from the kids section at M&Co!


What do you think? Did I improve the hat at all?

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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