Monday, 30 June 2014

Swag On Row Bow

Hey Guys!

In this sunny, shiny weather I love to whip out every crop top that I own and wear them in quick succession throughout the week. This look I wore to work but it would be great for a fun day out or look fab when worn for one of those last few days of term at college or Uni! Hang on in there, you're on the home straight now!

I'm not gonna lie, I do feel this ensemble is a bit swagtastic for little Row. I think its due to the baseball jacket and chunky silver chain around my neck, yo, do y' get me? HeHe! But with the colourings being so pretty with all the pinks and purples it quickly brings back the girly vibe of a Row look. The top is cropped at a length that just skims the top of my skirt which is perfect for those who want to flash some flesh but not in a nearly-naked kind of way. I kept the skirt up with a metallic silver belt which matches in a rather swell manner with my silver chain necklace. I'm so chuffed I found this necklace in a charity shop because I wear it sooo often. It looked like the Britsh Heart Foundation has their own line of accessories to make more donations from since there were several of these with the same packaging as other items next to them. The silver tones are also carried through to my hair clip, wit pretty sliver jewels in the middle of the bow.

'What are you waiting for? What are you waiting for? Tell me what are you waiting for!' The Saturdays holler throughout their new banger, What Are You Waiting For? (who'd have guessed?!). I cannot describe how amazeballs I'm finding this song. I get so upset when the song finishes...But then I manage to find that replay button and all is right again. I'm thinking this could possibly score the girls a second number one because it fits in really well with the dance sounds of the charts. It starts a little Neon Jungle-y then turns into a proper party bopper!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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