Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Krazy Kelpies

Hey Guys!

On the first day of my little family hols, we went to so a little bit of mechanical sight seeing. By mechanical I don't mean we went to see how the trims and places work, although there is a RAF Plane museum close by. We went to see these incredibly large horses heads called The Kelpies. I'm still curious as to why they were built but they are pretty hard to miss in local Scottish landscapes.

I tried so hard this trip to pack really sensibly, since we only had 4 full days and the other two days I'd only have service station lovelies to flaunt my look to. Since, as you can see from the images, the Scottish weather can be pretty grim I went for toasty over trendy piece. I've worn my monochrome striped dress with a chunky navy jumper over the top. I've continued the black and white tones through to the bottom of the look with tights and trainers. My necklace even plays to the monochrome tune including black, sparkly triangles amongst the golden chain. I've got a thin, golden chined headband in my hair which finishes of the look quite delightfully.

I'm not gonna lie the pictures we took of the giant Kelpie structures weren't the best, no thanks to the weather. However, I do happen to know where to find some gorgeous photographs of them. Amanda is a photograph in the family and has taken these stunning photos. She also takes snazzy photos of a whole variety of brilliant subjects. Have a cheeky peek at more here: Website, Twitter, Facebook.

There is no denying Sam Smith has a beautiful voice and I'm an totally all for calling him the Male Adele. Although I haven't listened to his whole debut album, In the Lonely Hour, I have stumbled upon Leave Your Lover which is a calming plea to (as the title suggests) 'leave you lover, leave him for me'. It cleverly has two meanings as it could either be leave him and come to me or leave him all for me to have him. What a whitty chap, eh?

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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