Sunday, 22 June 2014

Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Polka Dot Dress

Hey Guys!

What an amazingly beautiful day today is! The sun is gifting everyone with bold beams throughout the day and it's made me all the happier for doing so. Personally, I spent time in yesterday glorious weather working at an EA Games corporate event. I was in charge of the spa treatments and booking appointments. The Head Organiser of the event thought I'd most enjoy that and I totes did!

Now if you're a clever-clogs you'll be able to tell exactly when this photo was taken, and, no, I'm not ashamed I've just been busy with other posts. Whilst reviewing these images I've realised how well all the colour combinations work. I love the bold yellow of the daffodils! This is a look I wore to work a short time ago and it's probably one of my most relaxed looks. I usually go all out and get really dressed up and amaze all the kiddies, mummies and daddies. But I like this chilled look with one of my favourite styles for spring/summer- the midi length. In all honestly, I am probably a little on the short side to wear a midi-length piece without heels. However, I reckon that adding the cropped denim jacket and long scarf creates an illusion that I can just about get away with!

Union J have recently debuted little ditty from their upcoming second album, Tonight (We Live Forever) and I'm thinking it's a step in the right direction for them as a band. Look at me go all Music Manager on them, but I really think they needed to develop their musicallings to be more appealing to a wider audience. This time, I heard in an interview, they want to release more singles before the album drops, which it totally the right idea boys. Silly Management! This new tune starts out with a bit of acoustic guitar and and sounds a little Gabrielle Aplin-esque but then it goes into an anthemic 'it's all good' summer song.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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