Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Happy Birthday to Ya!

Hey Guys!

A few weeks ago it was my birthday and to celebrate I decided that I wanted to go out for a nice dinner at my favourite restaurant with the fam. We hadn't been to the place for soooo long, but I do love a good spanish tapas every now and then!

These trousers are a new purchase from Primark. They were the only full priced thing I picked up in my recent haul! I adore the print because it's so loud but due to the colourings it's not garish. They are made out of a thin satin material, so are perfect for a relaxed summer look. Since they are so very super snazzy and bring the party to my outfit, I kept my top plain with a slightly see through cream blouse. You can just see my black bra peering through underneath, this was an intentional move. Cheeky! I managed to squeeze in two birthday presents into the look having just received them on the day. The beautiful scarf was a gift from Auntie Val. Isn't it so delightful and fantastic for a lightweight summer scarf? The pretty silver anklet was a present from Beth. I was beginning to check out any anklets that took my fancy and before you know it I had a gorge one dangling around my foot!

Kyla La Grange is one of about 5 artists on my iPod who I would consider is actually a creditable artist. We all know I have a super cheesy taster in music and I'm basically a 12 year old fan girl (not so deep) inside. I found Kyla a couple of years ago when here haunting tune I Could Be was the free song of the week on iTunes. Then I used her as my muse for my Art Foundation final proj. Now she has a new shiny album out and, although I haven't heard it all yet, I am quite liking The Knife. I mentioned Cut Your Teeth in a previous post and this song follows in a similar ghostly rave idea with the intro using Caribbean drums. I LOVE the music video and the whole pastel day-glow aesthetic of the album. #beaut

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