Saturday, 28 June 2014

H&M and New Look Summer Haul

Hey Guys!

So as well as Primark I may have splurged in H&M and also a little in New Look. This isn't even all of it! I've since been back to H&M and picked up more things. What am I like?


Ribbed Cropped Long Sleeved Top, £7 SALE
I am such a fan of long sleeved crop tops. They are perfect for days when the weather can't really make up it's mind. They are a great transitional piece over the change in seasons, since they could be worn over dresses in cooler months.

Floral Leggings, £7 SALE
These leggings are more like trousers sine they are a bit thicker than regular leggings, but they still have great flexibility and stretch to them. 
Two Tone Trousers, £4 SALE
I don't really wear many trousers that aren't jeans or chino-types. These are great for smarter occasions and flatter very nicely with the two-tone detail.

New Look

Scribble Print Cardigan, £7 (I think)
It would appear I have gangly arms, but you wouldn't notice until I put long sleeves on. But this cardi is the perfect fit and clings to my arm from my shoulder to my wrist, just like it should do!

Monochrome Striped Top, £4 SALE
This super simple striped tee is actually in a size 14, which is a bit bigger than I'd usually take. I like it because it means its nice and baggy for the warmer months.

Black Midi Skirt, £7
These final two pieces are from a little on lie shop I did back in May. I bought my little brown chelsea boots in that order too. The skirt is accidentally from Tall section, hence why its so long!

Floral Jersey Peplum Top, £5
The pattern on this top is super pretty using a mixture of bold and paler tomes of pink with green thrown in for good measure. Now that I've worn it with leggings, I'm a bit stumped how else to style it. Any ideas?

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow


  1. I love the striped and peplum tops!! I'm definitely going to have to have a little shop now! x

    1. I'm always super inspired to go shopping from blog posts too!

      Row Bow


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