Friday, 2 May 2014

Sweat The Small Stuff with The Vamps!

Hey Guys!

Woah, Nerdy Row alert! Got my glasses on in these photos, but since everything is so clear with them on, I always forget to take them off. The reason I had them on was because I had been making my way across London to get the The Riverside Studios in Hammersmith. 'Why were you going there Row?' I hear you ask, well, I went to see a recording of Sweat the Small Stuff with Nick Grimshaw. I thought seeing Nick, Rochelle and Melvin would be a treat but then I found out that my new favourite people The Vamps were going to be there. Yay, how exciting! I feel our relationship has developed very quickly since it was only really the week or two before that we really got the know each other, then suddenly I was within 20 meters of them. Without sounding creepy!

I truly had no idea what to wear, even without knowing my babes were going to be there, hehe! I knew I could have been that waiting outside for over an hour (I was with another show that I'll post about soon...Oh, the suspense!), so I wanted to be not-whingey-because-I'm-Toasty Row. However, the studio gets pretty steamy from the vast amount of big twinkly lights that make the participants look so radiant, so I thought my thermals were probs not appropriate. I settled on the pretty pale combination of a blue jumper tucked into the yellow lacey dress. I popped a vest top on underneath because the jumper is a lot thinner than it looks. I wasn't sure about the two pieces at first but I think the belt convinces me that the work together. Then with my green khaki jacket over the top it all came together. Dandy!

Naturally I didn't get any weird looks from other members of the queue while I had my photo taken. HeHe! My buddy, the other half of Row 'n' Rox, liked the graffiti on the far wall. It says, 'You MUST Love Yourself', how uplifting.  

The episode was aired last week, I think. I know, how awful of me I haven't gotten round to watching my pretty little face on the telly yet! Think I'll make a night of it and gather all the housemates round the box and we can all gorp at my face together.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow


  1. You lucky girl!! We also love your outfit, especially the ombre top.

    1. I was pretty chuffed myself, hehe!

      Row Bow


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