Saturday, 31 May 2014

Road Trip Style

Hey Guys!

Today's post shows a little Road Trip Style-ee. I recently made the family trip where we enjoy 8 hours of each other company cooped up in a car as we drive from one end of the country all the way to the other, in one long slog! This look was inspired by the fruitful choices of Fly Drive Holidays on offer from Round The World Experts. I'm thinking this outfit would be perfect for the South Africa Garden Route and Safari. I even made a special effort to include the exotic pal tree in the background of my photo. Although I am basically covering the whole tree...Oops!

Perhaps you're taking an insightful trip to South Africa and are wondering what to wear for the road trip. I'm thinking this is a great post to read as I explain why this ensemble is a road trip terrific!

First thing to choose, is to what you base the entire rest of your look around. It's a difficult decision to make early in the morning just before you set off, so I put together my look the night before. Then I have the morning we leave to pack everything, natch! I chose the simple monochrome striped, shift style dress as it's super simple but the pattern still makes it attractive (who knows who you'll bump into on safari?). I the decided that the boots were a must, not only because they elongate your legs with the shorter hem line of the dress, but also because they're chunky. Thinking logistically you want to pack all your smallest things so you can cram as much as possible into that suit case of yours. I will admit I did have a few over flow shoes that made they're way into my mums luggage, but you must make use of any valuable space available to you in times like these! The jacket it super light weight so I don't overheat in it. But if there's wind sometimes you don't realise how hot is actually is so its good to be sun-safe with a throw on jacket like this. 

I am super prone to leaving all my rings in the service station loos wild safari outdoors, so I chose to go sans hand accessories this time. Apart from a colourful scrunchie around my wrist just in case it was too hot in the exotic lands and I wanted to tie my hair up off my back. #FunFact: Scrunchies are much better for your hair than hair ties are the don't put so much tension on your hair and pull it out. I did decide on a silver and blue necklace to tie my outfits colouring together. I'm sure the animals would have appreciated it! I wrapped a little red, floral bun garland around my hair so I blended into the beautiful foliage in case needs be mid-trip.

Just peeping about the top of my booties are some cute little socks so my feet don't get all sweaty in a stuffy car. Ewww! 

A sensible bag is essential when travelling. I chose this as it was big enough to fit in the regular handbag features as well as holiday addition, i.e chunky camera, sketchbook & pens, snack (lots) and a map of course. Nothing like a handheld paper map to get your bearings! It had short and long straps depending on what I'm planning on conquering that day.
I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I hope you all have a very much well deserved summer break!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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