Monday, 5 May 2014

Purple Rain-Bow

Hey Guys!

Do you like the title of the post? I'm so witty!

Today I was really felt like one of the team, as I was included in one of those TOP SECRET meetings. The secrets we shared were so deep and emotional I felt we all truly bonded...HeHe! It wasn't a DMC top secret meeting, but instead a meeting all about The Sunday Times Style Magazine Beauty Awards. I am one of the few people in the know about the nations top mascara and favourite breakthrough product. Don't you just wish you were in my shoes?! But my lips are super sealed until the 16th May when the issue is published and you can pick up a copy with the 18th May edition of The Sunday Times.

I went for a very purple ensemble today. Purple bow, purple lippy, purple top and purple skirt. Phew, I'm all purpled out! I feel the combination of the top and skirt is a little bit of a print overload, but their colours both include purple (natch) and a pale yellow so they don't massively clash together. The top has a pattern of a skull face and is stylised in a mexican Day of the Dead kind of way. A world away from the pretty, little girly style I usually adopt. I did pop on a bold, pink hoodie to lift the pallet a little. I took these photos in my lounge, since I got back late, so the lighting isn't totes amaze. This means you can't really see but I am wearing brown long, heeled boots. I thought that they would be a bit more interesting than just dolly shoes, again.

K-twizzle said she really liked my hair today. Thought the bow was really my colour, Ohh-err! I did a standard sock bun, but wrapped a little plait over the top of it. I was inspired by the interesting braid hairstyles I was researching for K-Twizzle last week. Upon seeing the photos of my hair today, my little sister has decided that my nose is quite well fitted to my face. Wow, what a compliment, hehe!

I'm sooooo excited! Cher Lloyd is finally putting up some awesome new tunes. She is majorly moved on from her Swagger Jagger phase and her new album is set to come complete with a little parental advisory sticker. Oh-er, she's a big girl songstress now! Bind You Love, Dirty Love, Human and Sirens are all floating about online and I can't wait for her whole album to drop at the end go July. Yeah Buddy!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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