Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Pringle's Birthday Dinner

Hey Guys!

Since I had the wonderful injection of work experience at the beginning of April, all of my other posts have become somewhat back logged. This look was actually for my baby sisters birthday dinner at the end of March. When I say baby I mean my teenager sister since she hit the big 1-4! God she's so old now, but she is still super little-much like my elder sister. Here's to Row sticking out like a sore thumb in the family photos... We all went put for a family dinner to Wagamama, which I have just released is not actually called Wagamama's. Who knew?

I am flaunting a new (well, new back then) trousers kindly donated to the Row Bow foundation by Sister JK. She bought them an they were a wee bit too small so I got them as week-old-hand-me-downs. Woo-Hoo! They are a gorgeous burgundy red colour with a black paisley print wrapped all around them. To give all the deserved attention to my new trews, I tucked in a black vest top. But it's one with slightly thicker straps, but I'm sure it still qualifies as a vest top. I dangled a chunky silver chain around the neck-line and slipped on a mustard blazer jacket. I really wanted to wear these tan heels because they're the kind of heels that are great for a causal affair like this dinner. The jacket matched the colourings of the shoes.

I attempted a single braid across the top of my hair during the day at work, but I managed to greatly improve its appearance by the time dinner came. No doubt you will see how I wore it to work, but here it is a lot more pronounced and compliments my loose curls very pleasantly. I am wearing Apple Pie by Models Own nail polish. It's the scented one from my Haul Post.

Natch, we had a few momentous birthday photos taken. Of which I decided to stray from the standard Row Bow smile. And now there's a deliciously beautiful photo floating about the internet of what I thought was one strictly for the family photo album.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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