Friday, 9 May 2014

Models Own Haul

Hey Guys!

Not too long ago Models Own had a super 50% off sale which I had to make the most of. Especially since I totally missed the 6 for £20 offer which is one of the best deals ever. I paired up with Sister JK and these are our little purchases.

I've never ordered from Models Own before, but I am loving the packaging. It made my order feel so special, hehe! I ordered all the nail polishes you see, and the lip crayon and Erase Pen were for Sister JK. She said she wanted a pretty colour that was quite subtle to start wearing regularly, so I selected this one for her. But then she buggered off to Germany and guess where the Lip Crayon stayed? In her make-up pile. Nice One!

I selected the Cerise Shine HyperGel Polish which is the best bold, but not in your face, pink polish. They've added a glorious selection of HyperGel polishes since I ordered and they all look divine. Next to that is the Scented Fruit Pastel Nail Polish in Apple Pie. I'm not gonna lie, the polish itself doesn't smell a great deal but the lid of the polish does. Having said that it is definitely not a warming Apple Pie smell, but it's still girly and uber sweet. Along from that is the Hed Kandi polish in Ibiza Mix. As glitter nail polishes go, I'm not a major fan. However, this one just has such an unusual mix of sparkles and they look to be bigger glitter pieces, so I'm hoping it all come off a lot easier! The final Nail polish I popped into my backer was the Velvet Goth Polish in Absinthe. I don't have any colour like this in my existing collection so it will be a welcome addition. It s a little different from other glitter varnishes because it dries with a matte finish, but it still twinkles. Clever hey?

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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