Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Easter Bunny Row Bow

Hey Guys!

I really wanted (still want) a pair of white strappy sandal, cork wedges to go with a look I had planned for my last day at work. I didn't go home the weekend in between my 2 weeks working at The Sunday Times Style magazine, so I wasn't able to pick up my tan heels. Bummer or what? So I popped into town after work one day and whilst grabbing the last few essentials for the thank you Easter Baskets I made (See below!), I had a gander for shoes. I wondered into New Look and ended up finding they had a very decently sized sale on. It would have been rude not to rumble through the rails!

I managed to find this lovely pale peach collared skater dress. Its a lot paler that I'd normal go but now I think this is the PERFECT dress for me! A wonderful combination of my two favourite things a skater skirt and collar, isn't it just the cutest? I kept the styling super simple today, because sometimes its just nice to be a little plain Jane. Even the men in the post room said they didn't recognise me! Not sure whether to take it as a compliment or what? I feel like I always point this out but blue and orange are complementary colours which means when paired together they appear bluer and orangeyer, so I've paired the dress with a deep blue cardigan. Although, I do prefer the look sans cardi.

Whilst reflecting upon the look as I write this, I'm really confused as to why I chose a pink lipstick! I can't tell which one it is, silly me! It looks fine, but at the moment that wouldn't have been my first choice. I think that it was probably my BarryM matte lippy in 146- but who knows really? The BarryM one is paler I thought... That'll annoy me all week. I'm determined to find out which one it is!

Who likes my Easter Basket that I made for E-Dizzle and K-Twizzle? I hand wound all of the pink ribbon around the handle all by myself. Inside the Easter Basket I had hidden easter Haribo, easter marshmallows, an easter egg, more chocolate and disney princess chocolates and deliciously smelly tea bags. What a babe! #BestInternEver
Easter Bunny Row Bow!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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