Monday, 12 May 2014

Bye-Bye Beauty Intern Row Bow

Hey Guys!

This was a super sad day for everyone involved, but the time had finally come when Row Bow had to leave The Sunday Time Style Magazine. Man, was I totally settled into the flow of work as well! 2 weeks just isn't enough, but if they'd had me any longer they'd never have let me go, HeHe! I'd been there long enough to know what needed to be done, like filling the latest issue so when I asked K-Twizzle for jobs I'd be like, 'Done that, done that, done that!' I am just so efficient! I gave E-Dizzle and K-Twizzle their Easter Thank You Baskets and they were pretty darn well received I'd say. E-Dizzle had popped off to Paris for a few days (alright for some, isn't it?) so her Basket was waiting amongst Chanel gift bags in the Beauty Cupboard. If I ever received one myself, I'd think that girl was a total babe, HeHe!

Since the skirt is quite loud, I don't find I can whip it out as easily as other more chillaxed skirts. Last  time I wore this as a 'finale' look for the time at the primary school I worked at over summer. You can see that gem here. I think the design was noted in the office, even the Picture Editor said she liked it. It is a pretty decent head turner piece. I hope that the Row Bow Legacy will be Dress Colourful, Dress Cute, Dress Cool. Kids Clothes for the Win. You gotta be reem to be seen!...Okay so maybe not that last one... but I do hope they remember me. I'll defo never forget the first bit of real industry work experience I ever bagged. Not a bad place to start, aim high people! #Tangent back to the look I brought out more of the blue tones by pairing the body con pencil skirt with a well fitted, long sleeved, aqua crop top. In keeping with the blue theme, I strutted about in my navy heeled brogues and matched them to my cardigan. A gold necklace and some orange lipstick meant I was ready to leave, but at least I looked mighty fine!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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