Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Big Girl Playgrouper

Hey Guys!

I'm pretty sure all of the children at work think I'm about 14. When they ask how old I am, I get them to guess and some of the answers are quite flattering. Then when I turn up to work in an ensemble like this, dressed like a big kid, I'm sure they are a bit confused when I'm like, "I'm a big girl who lives in her own house and don't go to school anymore."

These smart, black dungarees were initially bought for a shoot I did earlier in the year. It had a gothic 90's theme and these worked perfectly in a look teamed with a baseball jacket, tattoo necklace and scrunchie! When I did the mass order for the shoot I honestly had the intention to sent it all back. But then I kind of fell in love with the pieces and here I am today wearing them to work! Looking back upon this look, I think that it might not have been my finest moment. But you gotta experiment to know what works, hey? I chose the simple nautically striped, long sleeved top to wear underneath and picked up the white tones again in the shoes. The silver chained necklace suits the greyscale pallet suitably. Then to jazz up my look just a smidge, I popped on a pretty colourful scrunchie in ma hurrr.

This was my attempt at a snazzy hair do for the day. I re-did the braid for the evening when I went out for dinner, check that out here. I tried to braid the front section of my hair, but keep my fringe still. It was a little tricky and I think the problem here was that I made it too loose. But I managed to make it much more prominent for the evening meal. The rest of it is rolled back into a trusty sock bun.

I mentioned Shift K3y's delightful (my favourite word at the mo!) tune Touch back in an earlier post, but here I am bringing it up again. Only this time I mention it because ma boys Union J have done a cover of it. They put it up on their YouTube account a few days ago as bit of a filler between 1st and 2nd album material. They have slowed it down, but I've realised that the original vocals of the song aren't extremely fast paced anyway. It's just the cheeky instrumental throughout the song that has a pretty funky beat. But Union J warble over pretty piano and gorge guitar twinklings. I'll even leave the link here for you. Even if you don't like the mainstream cheese give it a go, it might just tickle your fancy!

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