Monday, 19 May 2014

All Star Mr and Mrs

Hey Guys!

So as well as going to see Sweat the Small Stuff be recorded, you can find that post here, I also went to see All Star Mr and Mrs be recorded. I'm not gonna lie the guests weren't quite as exciting as The Vamps and Abbey Clancy but it was still a good chuckle. Me and my uni bud went along to see a lady from the 90's band Eternal, a man from Eastenders and a comedian/actor guy compete for the money prize. Shows how famous the people were doesn't it? I can't remember any of their names! Danny from McFly was on it a few days before we went to see it. Just missed him, darn it! Whenever I go to these things sometimes the best bits are the Warm Up guys who are there to keep us audience members entertained while the producers decide the next move. Apart from at Sweat the Small stuff, that guy was not so entertaining... Today I was reunited with my main man Andy, who I've seen at most of the shows I've been too. Him and Philip (Schofield) were like two peas in a pod, so funny together!

I knew that we'd be waiting outside for a while, but I didn't realise how long we'd be waiting. We arrived when it was light- à la the photos- but went into the studio when it was dark after a hour and a half of waiting! Crazy! I also knew that in the studio it can get pretty sticky. I chose this cross print dress as its super light weight and not stuffy with tights. I accessorised with silver accessories by adding a belt and a chunky necklace.

I've also worn this dress here, and here. Why not check out the other ways I've styled it? It's such a versatile dress.

So I was watching a vlog style video from a certain aforementioned band, about their recent time spent in L.A. At the very end of the video one member strolls across the beach playing a cute little ditty called 19 You+Me. It's by some lovely people called Dan+Shay, who I've never heard of before but I'm sure I'll enjoy listening to more of their stuff. Its a super chilled country track which reminisces about a summer they shared with a pretty little thang, back when they were 19. Give it a listen!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow


  1. I would love to go and watch sweat the small stuff :)

    1. It was pretty exciting and so much fun!

      Row Bow


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