Monday, 14 April 2014

The First Time I Interned...

Hey Guys!

So this one time I sent an email to Style Magazine and found myself working there the next Monday! #crazystuff! I was so lucky to have seen the urgent request for an intern come up. Style magazine is a Sunday Supplement magazine with The Sunday Times (a National Broadsheet for non-UKers). The Times covers all aspects of news throughout the supplements that accompany the newspaper. Style Magazine covers the Fashion, Beauty and Art of the world. And for 2 weeks, lucky little Row gets to be the Beauty Intern!

On my first day I literally had no idea what I would be doings, or even that I was the Beauty intern! I dressed pretty smart as it's an office based job. I based my look around these snazzy trousers. They're actually a hand me down from my sister since they didn't fit her when they arrived. Because they have a rather interesting design on them, I colour blocked the rest of my look, in a monochrome pallet, so I didn't appear too chaotic! I tucked in a white vest top and put on a black blazer.

I was super tempted to wear the skull-print scarf (which I accidentally called my pirate scarf the other day, hehe!) in my hair like I did here. But I thought I'd better keep it cool, first impressions and all, so slung it on over my shoulders. I bought the necklace for a shoot an accessories couple of weeks ago but decided it was quite different to anything else I have so kept it. It's quite excessive but because of the thin chains doesn't look like over the top statement jewellery.

I really need a non-pink watch to go with red outfits! I can see it just peeking out in the photo.

Cheeky Bathroom Selfie!
Katy Perry has decided the 4th single to be lifted from her album Prism, is a pretty little ditty called Birthday. I cannot tell you how many times I have played it since I first heard it last night, because I have totally lost count. I'll probably have it on 'in the office' today during my little Row Bow silent discos! It's a funky disco sounding tune with a hella-lot of innuendoes, but who cares when it's this groovy...

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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