Tuesday, 29 April 2014

So You Think You're A Beauty Intern?

Hey Guys!

Today I was set the challenge to find lots of new products and imagery for the product page in the new issue of The Sunday Times Stye magazine. They work 2 weeks a head so new had to be new in 2 weeks time otherwise it is like, so, totally, old news! But it did mean I had the chance to complete my daily Beauty Cupboard rummage. I'd check all the boxes looking for releases that were around the End of April. I also googled (so hi-tech and profesh!) some imagery and peoples faces to accompany the product ideas. I literally thought I was on the biggest roll ever...until the product page theme changed which made all my research irrelevant...Oh! It changed a couple of times because K-Twizzle was trying to put in a certain new pretty product and we were trying to work around that. On the Wednesday she made her final decision and you guys can see that in the May 4th issue, I believe? I know I said they work 2 weeks ahead, but K-Twizzle is so organised she was steaming ahead with other weeks.

Uh-oh! Row managed to slip in some kids clothing into her work wear attire. Well, it was bound to happen eventually. Oh-well, I look darn cute in them, Hehe! This top is from the Teen (marginally better than going to the kids) section in M&Co. My little sister bought me the most horrific top one Christmas, a white short sleeved shirt with a chunky elastic belt (VILE and very 11 year old Row) so I took it back and exchanged it for this top, which she knew I wanted in the first place. Bless, she's learnt her lesson now and has acquired a much better taste for buying me clothes- not that she does it that often. The red skirt is probably my only purchase from Topshop, ever! It was in the sale for £10 and I still think thats super expensive for something I could have whipped up myself for £3. I strung a long necklace around the waist to look like a fetching belt.

K-Twizzle was quite taken by my big sock bun today. The sheer volume of it does throw people sometimes. Then with the added bejewelling it is pretty astonishing, HeHe!

I did have some more #bathroomselfies lined up for you today, but luckily someone was at home to photograph my hot look when I got back from work!

So the aforementioned little sister and I have had a massive essay writing weekend. I'm so good at procrastination I wrote half of her history essay and completed the maths paper she had to do all before I even attempted to open my essay document. I'm just waiting for her to do the maths paper now and the glorious moment where it's revealed I am the best mathematician in the fam. Woo-Hoo, #NerdyRow! However, the one time I got the whole family to do the mental maths paper 'for fun' (I thought it was great) Dad, who was totally caj about the test and talking and joking throughout it, ran away victorious! Literally out of nowhere! Anyway, I digress, we wanted some banging tunes to help us on our way and after taking it in turns to chose a song I put on Cody Simpson's Surfboard song. It is catchy, but it had us in fits of giggles. The repetition of the work board, board, board, board, board, board, board, board had us in hysterics. It's when you realise that although he's trying to sound all swaggy he's just saying the word 'board'. It reminded us of the seagulls in Finding Nemo. Such a joker, hehe!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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