Saturday, 5 April 2014

Monochrome Velvet

Hey Guys!

I look like such a little girl here in my black, white and pink colour pallet! But that's my signature style so why shy away from it now I'm at Uni? HeHe! This is a new skirt, although it's deco not new anymore because I bought it in January, but I just don't think I've got round to showing you guys yet. (Wait, that's a lie. I've just remembered I posted about it here in a Lecture Look!)

I know for sure I haven't shown you the top yet because it's actually a midi-length body con dress. But because when I wore this is was a wee bit chilly, and I wasn't totally comfortable with the idea of a dress clinging o my tummy, I've worn it as a top here. I just folded up the lower half of the dress so no one could see it. Sometimes if I do this with a look wearing leggings too, I'll tuck the dress into the leggings so its super hidden! The skirt is aged 16, so I thought it would be the perfect fit. But I like waisted/high waisted waistbands (#howmanytimescanyousaywaistinonesentance?!), I'm not really a fan of drop waist or ones that rest on you hips. I don't know why, probs because I've never really tried it. But that's exactly how I feel this skirt sits. It might be the design or just my bod, so I try to keep it up with a belt. I chose a silver one to keep with the colours scale of black to white. However, since there it more waistband than my waist it likes to try and escape from the raptures of the belt. Leaving me with a very funny look!

Since I'd slicked on a little pink lippy, I injected a healthy amount of pink into the look with my pink cardigan. And as well as accessorising with the belt I also put a sparkly black bow headband in my hair. Because I felt I didn't scream 5 year old enough, HeHe!

"...get out of my waaaaay"
"I'm spinning around..."

I haven't  heard George Ezra's songs before, even thought he was palstered over my telly as a nominee for one of the best new artists of 2013. But now I have heard his latest tune, Get Lonely With Me. It's very idfferent from his other recently debuted song, Cassy O which is quite folky. Get Lonely With Me has a stronger sound with Ezra's vocals sounding haunting through the chorus.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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