Saturday, 19 April 2014

Just Add a Pair of Heels!

Hey Guys!

I will admit that I have already shown you guys this look last Summer here, but I added a different cardi and wore different shoes so I thought you might want a quick peek! This time I wore a deep red cardigan, which compliments the red lipstick I wore too. Instead of Dollie shoes (although I did take the first photo in Dollie shoes since I forgot to change them. Doofus!) I wore cute little blue, frilly ankle socks with my navy heeled brogues. I love these shoes and they are uber easy to walk in. Perfect for office work! I also added a lilac scrunchy to my curly pineapple hair do.

A pic from the actual day.
Yay, Sunny back garden pic!
Yes that is a road sign in the garden...
Deep down inside I'm not a mature nearly 20 year-old, no, I am a 13 year-old fan girl! I've had the One Direction phase (still going kinda!), The Wanted phase (look what happened to them...), more recently the Union J phase (fizzled out when I found the hot one has a GF of 3 years. HOW DID I MISS THAT? HeHe!). But now I'm totally hyped about The Vamps. I can tell this boyband infatuation cycle can't last much longer since only 2 of the boys are my age in this band. As my friend likes to frequently point out they look about 15, but I am assured they are all at least 18 now. Way-Hey, haha! They released their debut album Meet The Vamps this week and it is TOTES AMAZEBALLS! I would list a few of my fave songs, but they're all so friggin' fantastic. Although I think I have a tendency to over indulge in Dangerous and Lovestruck...
If you haven't heard much from The Vamps I would describe them as a mini McFly. They all play their own instruments and have a lucky-chappy vibe going on. But their music is 'acoustically driven' and although there are defo some cheesy lyrics (my fave!) they are undeniably catchy!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow


  1. There's something really 80s about this look, pop over to xx

    1. Gotta love a bit of the 80's! Thanks Lessette

      Row Bow

  2. Replies
    1. How very kind, thank you so much.

      Row Bow


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