Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Feature a Friend

Hey Guys!

I thought I'd give you a little insight into the real world of Row.

Introducing my babe of a best buddy... Charbabes!

I thought I'd share some of are hottest moments together, all the way back to prom! Weren't we cute little munchkins?

From a Birthday Party back in secondary school Loving our adornments or what?

Pre-Prom: Beautifully co-ordinated and we hadn't
even seen each others dresses before we arrived.
Wonderfully insync!
Another beautiful headshot. 
Ohh artist side angle. We look good from every angle! She got this fringe
cut in because I had mine and was very much #teamfringe and I told her to.Who wouldn't listen to me really?

Why haven't we won Next Top Model yet?
The moments story or where we all agreed pretty dresses
and heels and Char chose a  top she wears to college
and leggings.
Check out the post, from way back when, here.

A quick pic from a staple House party, that
Char likes to organise but host and other
people's houses. How thoughtful!
Should probably refer to her amazing sense of
style here. Char is a massive fan of cutesy little
floral dresses teamed with long predominantly dark
cardigans. Sometimes she does stray from this pattern
and choses a paler cardigan. We even have matching
cardigans with ruffley shoulders and matching
blue dresses. Aren't we cutie patties?
Oh look, Char wears the match dress we have. Mine is dark blue though. She's
decided to snazzy up her look with this dashing floral white and brown
towel. Doesn't she 'werk' it so well? I'm thinking she might
want to start trademarking that look...
'Just the three of us, we're all babes, don't need to try...!'
And a snap from our most recently night out.  She bought this black
backless dress with me, and she looks totes amaze in it, no
question about it!
Naw, the feels looking back at these. It's so sad she live with our third musketeer all the way down south. But summer is coming and we know what that means, Charlena can be once more! Co-ordinating our nails, hair and dresses for a full 5 months, yay!

If you want a chance to win £75 worth of boohoo vouchers for you and your bud why don't you #feautreafriend?

And to finish on a highnote (or rather hot note, hehe!).

Smizing with our teeth...

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow


  1. N'aw this is so cute babes! Miss youuuu

    1. It's quite cute looking through all the photos!


    2. If only you were in Brighton with us, we'd be taking adorable photos all day every day (emphasis on the us for Becky - she's very insecure)

    3. Becky's made a few special appearances in here, as our third musketeer. Would she like her own post?


  2. nice pics :)


  3. this is super super cute! it's so nice having a best friend you can do anything with :) xxx


    1. Aww, Thanks Louisa! Defo agree with you!

      Row Bow


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