Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Nails Inc Matte Red Polish

Hey Guys!

I mentioned in a post a couple of weeks ago (see here) that I had tried out the Nails Inc Red Matte Nail polish and wanted to share my thoughts about it with you. It's only fair since my options are not the happiest this time.

As an creative type I use my hands a lot (trying not to make that sound dirty), I'm not one to sit with a pen in my hands all day. So my nails are in a rubbish state anyway and I'd hope my nail polish would cover up this. But I often find after only a few days my nail polish chips off without fail. At least I get a few days out of it looking passable.

I tried out the Nails Inc Nail Polish on one of the days I was working at the theatre and below is the result after one day with 2 shows. So tatty! Bear in mind that this was when I had painted my nails the night before. And I'd already had to top up on a couple on nails, including a full redo of one finger.

I'm not sure if its because there isn't a top coat, obviously because of the matte effect. I found the polish to be very flimsy and therefore lots came off if a little got caught. Working at the threat involves putting make up on about 80 children's faces, and holding a script in my hand for 2 hours at a time and hiding far too many doors open. Not a lot of fiddily work, like if I were on set for a fashion shoot.

The verdict is that Row Bow is not impressed. Considering you can get the matte effect very easily buy careful hovering your wet nails over steam, it's not worth paying money for the Nails Inc Polish. Luckily this was a freebie so I didn't have to actually spend the money. #quidsin!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow


  1. I saw these and I was tempted, but that amount of chipping is just awful :O definitely not gonna get these now haha!!xx

    1. Super annoying for a hands on type like me. I'm not sure what it's like with a matte top coat though.

      Row Bow


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