Monday, 24 March 2014

Lady in the Long Black Skirt

Hey Guys!

I did a shoot the other day based on the Womenswear trends from the recent(ish) A/W 14/15 catwalks. For the shoot I had to buy in a few pieces of clothing with the intention to send them back once I'd finished with them, honestly! But then I accidentally tried on all the pieces, and decided that actually I think I'd quite like them for me! I did feel a bit bad because we didn't pay the model, but I ended up with a load of new clothes for my efforts. So I let her take a new top, jeans and a little leather bralet. #funfact: Our model was Kitty from , she defo gives a good model face.

For the shoot I bought the purple top and black maxi skirt I'm wearing in  these photos. I'm really into my cropped tops at the mo, even though I don't have a wash board stomach. But in 2014, I don't think anybody really cares about that anymore, I think a lot of people have realised the lovely ladies on our tellyboxes and magazines aren't there to be aimed for. They're there to sell a product, and not all of us have to aspire to be them. I've even noticed that mannequins in shops have a little tummy, and they still look cute in all the clothes, HeHe! For the longest time I've wanted a maxi skirt, thinking a looser fitting one would cover up the non-toned tum more. But I am LOVING this stretch one which glides over my tum.

I chose to accessories by expanding on the purple tone of the top. I went for a darker red floppy brimmed hat, which I thought for the longest time was called a Fendora(!), and a big bejewelled gold necklace. The gems reflect purple and blue tones of light which all links together rather nicely. My deep red lipstick matches the hat and emphasises the drama also created by the hat.

It's always nice to stroll into uni and have several people comment of how lovely my outfit is!

I'm not gonna lie, as I've been writing this post I've been on a major Gwen Stefani/No Doubt binge. My ultimate Gwen fave is Cool. The song is super chilled and the video looks amazing, culturally classic. 

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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