Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Warm in Leopard Print

Hey Guys!

I love posting outfits which include garment I've previously worn, and showing you guys how differently I can wear them. I've worn this dress here and here. Although they were both in winter months, I have still managed to dress them up quite differently. That's the true work of a stylist in the making there!

The dress is navy, and navy & black shouldn't really be paired together because they are so tonally similar and in shade too. I suppose I haven't tried wearing the dress with white, I envisage that would make a very Spring suited look as the pallet would be lifted. I like the black, cropped length sleeves as it elongated my arms with a black silhouette.

These shoes were super cheap from Primark a couple of years ago, but they definitely have to be my favourite heels EVER! They are super easy to wear and walk in. I have embarrassingly small feet and higher heels really hurt my feet. I think its because there is less of my foot that actually touches the floor so my toes get super achey. But I have found comfort in a good old chunky heel. They are so much easier to wear for causal attire and gives more support to your food. I love the brogue style of the shoes, and think they would look super cute with frilled little ankle socks. I've seen these in Topshop for, like, £8 which is redick! But now Primark have exact dupes for a £1! I might as well call that place my second home!

Bringing me back to my Art Foundation Days (woah, this time last year I was just starting my final major project. #crazy) Kyla La Grange has a new tune out. And can I just say that in the video she look absolutely stunning?! The neon and fluro paints are super cool and really liven up the slower paced song. Not that it's too slow mo for me. I love the song just as much as the video. With signature haunting chants from Kyla's beautiful voice the song deco proves it Kyla's time to shine!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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