Monday, 10 February 2014

Sixites Smart

Hey Guys!

For the first day of term, well first day for the kiddies I started yesterday, I went for a bold sixties look. I'm feeling the 60's vibe because of the high neck and pearls. I'm not sure alot else of the look is out there as much as the sixties were.

I was playing dress up one might before bed, as I frequently find myself doing (!), and I decided to raid my dressing up box. Let's not lie we've all had one, just some people, i.e Row Bow, still have them. I was donated a load of old clothes from my nanny and her friends which never fit me at the age of 7. But now it's a totally different story! I finally fit into the long skirts, and unique dresses. While I was having a rummage in the box I found this red woolly jumper. Sister JK was Noddy in a show once and this was part of her costume. Funnily enough, I chose not to put on the blue hat and yellow scarf when I wore it here. It's the horrifically itchy type, so my neck was almost as red as the jumper by the end of the day! I can't imagine how JK managed to perform in this.

I contrasted the baggy nature of the jumper by tucking it into my grey leopard print skirt. It has a very wide elasticated waist which sucks everything in. (And I mean EVERYTHING!) I think that the two pieces creates a nice silhouette because the top is looser and unfitted, then the waist is very flattering and it cinches in so much. And the rounder shape of the skirt mimics the wider fitting top. It's similar to an hourglass shape.

To keep the 60's block colouring running through the look, I wore thick black tights and black Dolly shoes. I even block coloured my lips with a bold red lipstick. If only I didn't have a bold pink watch!

So I was making this playlist for my Uni proj, as I mentioned in my last post and felt I had to let you know about this song I found. Ariana and the Rose had their song Heartbeat played at lots of Fashion week shows-but I'm not sure the actual ones. And although I'm not a huge fan of that one I do like In Your Bed. It starts all slow and manages to stay slow but pick up a dancey beat.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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