Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Purple Galaxy Design Nails

Hey Guys!

My housemate went away to see her chums over the weekend a few weeks ago and brought back substantial bag full of nail polishes. Her buddy was having a clear our and my housemate thought we'd be able to give the new nail polishes a good home. She was certainly right!

Who knew George at Asda did nail polishes? I didn't. The pale purple here is the Asda polish and I used a slightly redder toned purple on my ring finger and thumb nail. I was only going to put the glitter on a few fingers, but i love my glitter and decided to cover them all in glitter, Yay! On the darker nails I painted two coats of glitter, for extra impact. The same housemate who supplied the welcome additions to my nail paint collection was also my Secret Santa for christmas. One of the little treats she gave me was a selection of nail sequins. So I added these blue sheened stars to my middle finger.

I think they look pretty snazzy if I'm honest (even if they were a little chipped when I took the photos).

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow


  1. tried to leave u a comment via my iPhone but don't know if it the colours you have used!the stars are super cute too!they look great chick:)xx


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