Monday, 17 February 2014

Pretty in Plum

Hey Guys!

Sad times, this is the last look from my weeks work at the primary school! I had to go back to real life and uni the week after. But I'm defo sure I'll go back in the summer, I have so much fun getting all properly dressed up for 'work' everyday. #SuchaWeirdo #WhoActuallyEnjoysWork? Row Bow apparently.

I usually like to have like a finale outfit like in the summer, when I wore this bobby dazzler on the last day of term. However, here I'm not sure the whole ensemble has as much pizazz as I'd usually work towards. Here I was more trying to get a look to work with the wow-eey shoes. I've got my new necklace on and worked the purple top to compliment with that. The skirt has a lovely charcoal grey and blue blocked colour pallet which I teamed with black tights so the blue stays so vivid and works well with the purple up top. I thought the colouring was very dark, for a typical Row Bow look, and extremely wintery so I places my orange Prairie Charms Floral Headband. The addition of the tan belt give another tonal link, so neither the headband or bel appear out of place.

I really do love my vampy deep plum lipstick. However, I do get concerned that it appears to wear away from the middle quite quickly and obviously. When I ask anybody they always say they can't tell but I'm sure they're just being polite. Maybe I should just invest in a better vampy lipstick?!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow


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