Friday, 28 February 2014

Pretty Girl Rock

Hey Guys!

This look wears another one of my new dresses, a textures green skater dress.

I wore it with a silver belt to lift the palette instead of a darker brown belt. Because of the the belt reflecting paler tones, I chose a little pearl to make me look like a classy bird! I think my hair looks really pretty here, which totally flatters my face and the rest of the look. The difference this week is that I straightened my fringe (due the the weather being frightfully kind and restyling my 'do' as I travelled about). I also pulled out some longer lengths of hair front the front and straighten them to frame my face. I popped in a lovely head ribbon, from the babes at Prairie Charms bloggers christmas sale. I tried to tie it in a bow shape at first, but my head is so full of valuable knowledge it was too big to do that. HeHe! However, since there is a piece of wire running through the ribbon was able to pull the fabric out and make it fan like a bow. Pretty.

Because of the lovely pink tones on pink in the headband, I chose my bold pink cardigan. I wasn't sure about this when I threw it on in the morning, it was this one or a navy blue cardi in a similar style. But having been able to check my look out in the mirror whilst taking small children to the loo, I decided it looks mightly fine!

'Quick Pout'
In dedication to the title f the post and how successful I think this look and these photos are I'm suggesting a quick listen to Keri Hilso- Pretty Girl Rock. Whereas I, myself, am listening to bangers I used to be addicted to between 2009/2010. Going Old School!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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