Friday, 14 February 2014

Dress Up: Rewind to 1941

Hey Guys!

This has to be my favourite thing about working at a primary school. All the fancy dress days! Today the children were 'transported' to 1941, the beginning of the second world war. (Man, I hope I've got my facts right! I was totally listening to the teachers and not just thinking how pretty my outfit was...) The class had a drama workshop run by 2 lovely ladies, and even I was enthralled. I loved how engaging it was and we pretended to time travel to the past then this woman popped out and the air raid sound was going off! Cray, Cray! I'm not sure the older kids were totally convinced, however I heard the younger kids deco believed it and got quite scare by the air raid dire. Bless! I might have to make a request that I'll only go back and give up my free time, if I get to dress up for another fun day!

When I first discusses what WWII wear would have been like, the teacher said anything below the knee. And instantly the slutty realisation that, actually, I don't own anything that finishes brow my knees apart from trousers. So I raided my sisters wardrobe, but that was pretty unsuccessful as well. But she did have this nice dress which I thought looked plausible- Bearing in my my historic education appears to be the one area the education system let me down in.

I wasn't going to go all out and use gravy on my legs so black tights sufficed. However, the belt is actually my Grandma's, and it's called an Auxiliary Belt and it was used by nurses back in the day. I'm not sure this was actually used in 1941, but not long after. I had to keep the heels on by putting black hair ties around them. Cheeky! Why must my feet be so little?! I popped on some pearls, even though Dad thought they were too dressy and rich for a time that was about austerity. To be honest I really wanted to dress up, but didn't know if the class teacher would. I wanted to go for a look that didn't necessarily scream 1941 so I looked normal if she didn't dress up. But also we know how Row Bow likes to look nice on EVERY occasion.

Who likes my hair? Pretty funky, hey? I'm sure thats what they would have said about it back in ol' 1941. HeHe! I literal rolled the ends of my hair all the way up to my head, and weaved  long cocktail stick through it to secure it. Not gonna lie, I had several compliments and question about it. #PrettyChuffed!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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