Saturday, 8 February 2014


Hey Guys!

If you saw my previous post you'll know that having had an intense week working long hours at the theatre putting on many a show, I decided that if I wasn't totally zonked enough I wanted to work another full week at a local primary school. I worked out that I'd almost worked 13 consecutive days, but I was allowed one cheeky day off during the shows. But even that was filled with strenuous sketchbook work!

My first day at the primary school was an inset day, so I got a sneaky-peek at all the behind the scene meetings that take place. The new Headteacher even ran a little workshop to motivate all the staff for their impending OFSTED inspection. It's a massive deal in teacher world! I kept my look pretty caj as I truly had no clue what I would be doing. I was practical enough that if I was going to be climbing about on chairs all day I'd be good. But also pretty enough that if I was going to be sat in meetings all day I wasn't an eyesore. A lovely colour combination of mustard yellow and clay orange is a more mature way to colour block in Autumn/Winter.

I'm currently putting together a playlist for songs to play at the debut show of SON OF MAGNUS (my uni class and I @_SONOFMAGNUS Instagram: wearesonofmagnus fyi!) and I stumbled across Alex Mytton's remix of Rhythm of the Night. It's a risky move considering Bastille have literally just had huge success with their cover of it. But it is very different. He stick to the original track and adds some funky trumpet beats (if trumpets can be at all funky...).

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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