Monday, 24 February 2014

Amazing Aztec Print

Hey Guys!

At the end of January the new year had truly settled in and everything was getting back to normal, after the break. This meant I had to go back to work also. It's no bad thing though as we've already established how much Row Bow loves going to work! If i were stuck behind a desk all day or simply scanning barcodes, I'm sure it would be a different story. But working with kids and playing drama games and singing & dancing all day long is way too much fun. And I get paid for doing it, Yay!

Because I didn't have work for the first few weeks of Uni term, it meant I stayed at my Uni crib instead of going home every weekend. Any one who knows me will know Row has significant attachment issues to her Mummy! And I'm not afraid to admit it. I was only 1 week into a 3 week Mummy-free period and I was already missing my fam so bad. So I may have done a little online shopping as a little retail therapy. man, did I need it! I found myself kindly donating money ASOS's Primark collection. I bought about 5 things, mainly dresses with one cute pair of dungarees. Can't wait to whip most of them out in Summer. But I really wanted to get some wear out of them now. This beautiful aztec print dress works well with a black longer sleeved top underneath as it ties into the dress' colour pallet. I did get some lovely comments from the new parents I met (Not gonna lie, I had posters up for something and referred to myself as 'Row, the impeccably dresses assistant'!). It was jolly cold but I wore tights to give a slight variation in the transparency through out the look.

I love whipping out the floral crown when I go to work. All the littler ones think I look like a princess. #OneDay! To link the orange from the dress and the orange from the flowers in my hair I slicked on my bold, citrus orange lipstick. It looks quite reddish in the photos. It's a Maybelline ColourSensational Lipsticks and it is soooo luck to wear.

Like the good friend that I am, today's music suggestion is a mother release from a college friend band. Last time I mentioned them they were called Metropolis. But now they claim that name is dead and we should now refer to them as No Atlas. So No Atlas have announced their second EP is out soon, Reply & Reply. The new single that precedes it is called Preston Blank. It's got a slower to their previous releases, which keeps it cool and relaxed. Check out their vid here.  

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow


  1. I'm not usually a fan of dresses like these but I think you pull it off really well and you look amazing in it! xx

    Charli | Secrets Behind The Closet Door

    1. Thank You Charli! I can't wait to wear the dress without a layer underneath, over summer. Awkward tan lines here I come!

      Row Bow


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