Thursday, 2 January 2014

Winter Wonderland

Hey Guys!

First of all Happy New Year! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and had a great time celebrating New Year. Now on with the post (Lots of photos coming up)...

On the last day of term, after a super empty lecture, me and my bud Roxy made another Row 'n' Rox/ Rox 'n' Row adventure. We decided to take a trip to Winter Wonderland, since I've never been and now I'm living in London it would be rude not to! We first got their at about half 2 and sorted out some stuff out for about half an hour. (Basically we're your gals if you ever lose your Oyster Card, Hehe!)

A Pretty Landscape of Winter Wonderland on a Winters Afternoon.
By the time we'd done a massive loop de loop of the a whole bus route we finally arrived at the front gate of Winter Wonderland! Straight away we went to by tickets with the Magical Ice Kingdom so see what that was all about. Then we milled about the cutsie market stalls all about Hyde Park. Nothing grabbed our attention fantastically, but there were some very pretty things. We made it to one of the eating/drinking/singing/Christmas tree areas and got some lovely strangers to take a quick pic of us.

Row 'n' Rox!
We also decided to go to the Berserk Circus (it was called something like that). It was a little more high octane than the kids show, but there was still a hella a lot of kids there. Ohemgee! It was totes amazeballs. So good! The every act was really intense and repeatedly left me in awe. There were leapfrogs happening 10 feet in the air onto a tightrope, people literally flying in the air and a little bit of pole dancing too #cheeky. Roxy decided it's a life in the circus for her if fashion doesn't work out! I LOVED the trapeze duo who also cracked out the big metal spinner thing which had each of them stand in a circle either side of the metal spinny bit. (Woah-My descriptions are on point today!)

Nice Pic Row! NOT
If you look really hard behind the big light you can see the trapeze artists.

The Magical Ice Kingdom was full of snow and ice sculptures, including an actual castle with a slide!

OOTD: Red Dress- Dorothy Perkins, Leggings, Leopard Print Boots-Primark, Coat-Tesco
Not that any of them are from this seasons collections...
I had such a great evening out and I think Winter Wonderland is open until January 5th so I would defo recommend a trip down there!

Always time for a quick goodbye selfie!
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow


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