Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Recent VIVO Purchases

Hey Guys!

Just before Christmas I decided, after a good first term at Uni, I deserved to treat myself to a little Christmas present. I also needed some more mascara then these additions just 'fell' into my shopping cart! I toddled off to Tesco to pick up my fave mascara, VIVO Curve Effect, only to find that THEY DON'T STOCK IT ANYMORE! Whut?! How could Tesco do this to me? My big Tesco now stocks BarryM in it's place. But I can get BarryM from Boots. Can I get VIVO from Boots? Urmm...I think you'll find the answer is no. Hurumph, not a happy Row Bow.

But then what do you know, VIVO have a website and all faith is restored. Phew! So as well as my must-have mascara I managed to add few other goodies to my shopping cart. I also decided to pick up a dark silver glitter eyeliner. I used to wear glitter eyeliner all the time, but I don't so much any more. I find sometimes the glitter can be a bit thin on the ground, so you have to layer it up to make an impact. This VIVO one is actually pretty decent, I think the darker tone helps, and it glides on really nicely. Then we move onto lip products. Surprisingly I didn't pick up any new lipsticks. Instead I chose 2 lip glosses. I'd like to start wearing lip glosses more as they're not as bold as my lipsticks but still feel a little snazzy. I picked up Essence Shade 7 Lip Gloss (tall red one) and a Colourwash Lipgloss in the colour Setting Sun. The Orange Lip is a big beauty trend this Spring/ Summer season and I am so ready for it!

Left to Right: Essence Shade 7 Lip Gloss, Setting Sun Colourwash Lietting Sun, Liquid Eye liner Glitter Black Shade 1
Mmmmm...Lovely wrinkly hands!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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