Thursday, 16 January 2014

Recent Fragrance Direct Purchases

Hey Guys!

Welcome to the second edition of Row buying Christmas presents for herself. This time my little adventure took me to Fragrance Direct. I always end up there if I'm online window shopping, but finally I took that step to click that buy button!

First I bought myself a new proper, full-size, perfume. I've been living off small sample sized sprays for 3 years and I thought I should probs get an actual bottle of something. I loved the smell of Viva La Juicy and have savoured my last drops. But Pairs Hilton's Siren is an outstanding dupe for the smell. On Fragrance Direct it is a fifth of the price of a bottle o' Viva La Juicy! Lush or what!

Next I moved onto an investment EVERY curly bounce girl raves about, Moroccan Argan Oil. I'm am sooo late on this bandwagon I wasn't sure there was any point in me trying to catch up. But my hair screamed out for it when the price was £1.99 for the bottle. Fab-u-losity! Although it isn't the real Moroccan Oil, because thats way more expensive, it still leaves my hair uber soft. But the curls do take a little longs to set in. Like the next morning.

Yonks ago, before they had their break which was before they broke up, Girls Aloud did a little mini series which saw 4 out of the 5 girls pursue a fun interest. Cheryl did dancing with (look where that got her!), Kimberly performed at the end of Les Mis in the West End (again, what has she been doing recently?) and Sarah learned to play polo on horseback (not so useful in her career post-girls aloud). This may seem like a little divert in the post, but I am getting somewhere with this point! My fave gal Nicola decided to go on a mission to set up her own make-up range for very pale/ fair skinned girls. She developed the idea from personal experiences at make-up counters. Years after I set my heart on getting some, I am finally the proud owner of some Dainty Doll Products. I got an eyeshadow in Cobocabana (?) which is a very pale brown, but it has great coverage. Also, the Double Ended Mascara and Liquid Eyeliner slipped into my shopping cart as well as a lovely deep blue eyeliner. I adore the packaging, it makes the products seem so luxurious even thought they were all under £2 EACH!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow


  1. As a redhead, I absolutely love Danity Doll. Its a fantastic brand. Love your blog hun x

    1. It all feels so luxurious!
      Thank You Laura, that means a lot!

      Row Bow


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