Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Neon Nail Rave

Hey Guys!

This is quite a strange little post. I was approached by a mysterious woman, dressed in black while shopping in Brent Cross Shopping centre the other day. She took my hand and gazed at it for a short moment, then proceeded to attack it with brightly coloured nail polishes...!

Okay, so I may have made that sound a little creepier than how it actually happened. Truthfully, I wondered about the Models Own unique BottleShop and one of the lovely ladies who works there told me all about the wonderful offers. At the time they were doing 6 for £15, which is 50% off! #Amazeballs! I told her that my favourite colour was pink, natch, and that I'm defo a bold coloured kinda girl. So she began adorning my nails with every colour from their Ice Neon collection. The purple (ring finger) and orange (baby finger) are my favourite colours. They are quite different from anything else in my collection. They didn't have a base or top coat on and they actually fared well through out the week

The main reason I wanted to tell you about my snazzy, freebie- one handed- manicure, was because they are currently running a promotion of Facebook at the mo. If the Models Own faceyb page gets 250,000 likes by the 31st January then there will be a super half price sale on all the Models Own items. Holla! I'm up for that! So these nails are just one example of what you can get, if you just tottle over and like the page think of the bargains we can all enjoy together!

I'll just throw it out there, the BottleShop in Brent Cross now has 60% off Sale sign, but I think that might just be little gift packages. Also, who likes the UV effect lighting I've got going on. I'm so clever with my camera, HeHe!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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