Monday, 20 January 2014

Easy as ABC

Hey Guys!

Day Two of my intense week at work was the first show in front on a live audience (Can I get an 'ooooooh'? Real Pantomime stylee). I was pretty intense as it was the first time I'd know how much time I truly had to run about collecting children from hear there & everywhere and get them on stage in time. I started off being really premature and calling kids waaay to early, nervy Row. But by the end of the week the Stage Manager (or the lady with the ears as the tiddly-wees call her) was calling them with pages to spare too. I just have that effect on people!

I hardly ever wear this dress and it has such a lovely print that it really deserves to get out a little more. The monochrome pallet means that it will pretty much go with any coloured top and any style of top underneath. I've show you guys how I Rocked a Crop , been Rockabily Row in it AND gone all Starry Eyed in it. But here I have created my most wintery styling yet, with a bold pink long sleeves top. I got the top for christmas so it was bound to make an appearance on the blog within weeks of being received. Its so simple but because it is such a large block of bold colouring I think it makes a great look. The warm tones of the top made me go for a warm, golden pendant. A little bit of Tinkerbelle's fairy dust helped me keep things running smoothly at work, I'm sure. 

Finally, I'm back in the swing of searching for new music and not christmas songs still, #guilty! I have heard of Clean Bandit before, from a friend but I didn't think it would be my thing as the friend likes 'cool' music. And as we know I love my musical cheese! Their song Rather Be featuring Jess Glynne is a quite dancey, but with Jess' more indie voice. Whilst flicking through the music channels last week it came on like 4 times in half an hour, that's how good it is!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow


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