Saturday, 18 January 2014

Dress Run Antics

Hey Guys!

It seams like forever ago that I worked at the theatre, we had the dress run 29th December. All that time ago! I didn't really know how much I would be running about or lifting or attending to small children's shoe laces, so I felt leggings would be the best attire. As much as I love these leggings, I don't feel there are many occasions where I can whip them out. Last time I posted about the was here, when I bought them over summer. I kept the look very light there. But here I have picked up some of the darker tones, the few that exist, on the leggings. The purple top is a set with a vest and sheer crop top. The necklace compliments the colour pallet so nicely. I LOVE my Christmas sale purchases from Accesorize. It was still £11, which is very steep for me with jewellery but I had to have it! The perspex base with pretty pastel coloured jewels is a style I've had my eyes on for aaaggggees. I swear they were super popular a year or two ago and I always missed out.
I decided to add my dark blue cardigan as tonally it goes with the purple side of pink I had gone for. But also because it was the 29th of December people, and it was ruddy freezing and very wet!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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