Thursday, 23 January 2014

Cat/Bat Woman

Hey Guys!

Today's pictures actually prove that I was working and had actually made it to the theatre! It's a little tricky to get the white balance all good in the hood, hence the yellow tone to todays photos. But you can still clearly see what I am wearing which is the main thing.

I feel this look is quite higgldy-piggldy as theres a lot going on. Not a usual style for Row Bow. I really wanted to whip out my Batman skirt as I hardly ever wear it now due to "unforeseen circumstances" lets call it... Previously I wore it with a dark navy top, but here I have picked up on the pink tones and teamed it with a bold pink vest top. The green cardi felt like a bit of a random last minute grab and go piece. But I actually think it works well with the whole outfit. Probably because green and red go well together and pink is a different tone of red and the rainbow of colours on my skirt gives a more lenient colour pallet. I think that the look needed something like an 'anchor' kind of colour. I've called it an anchor colour (which sounds a little weird but I can't think what else to call it !) because the green kind of sinks the colour scheme. It holds the look together and finishes it off nicely as it stops the combination of clothes getting too girly and airy fairy. I suppose you could refer to it as an accent colour but that gives me the idea that it lifts the outfit, whereas I'm talking about holding down the look. *Tangent over, if that made any sense to anyone reading let me know, HeHe!*

The skirt also has a selection of orange tones so that made it really easy to choose golden jewellery and accessories. I got my bling fix with the chunky golden chain necklace, which has a fluro-pink tiny chain running through it matching to the top. And who doesn't love a good pair or floral cat ears?

Shakira and Rihanna's collab Can't Remember to Forget You is a pretty decent tune in my books. I love the unexpected start, it reminds me of the circus and isn't at all what I would expect from with a Shakira or Rihanna song. But then it goes a little rockier in the chorus. I can defo imagine a good Zumba sesh dancing to it!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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