Monday, 13 January 2014

Blogger's Beauty Box Swap

Hey Guys!

Way back in early November Nyss from Miss Nyss Beauty Magpie had an idea to set up a blogger's beauty box swap. You may have seen on Sam's blog, Strawberry Squeeze , that she had been partnered up with the wonderful Row Bow! The guidelines were £15 maximum spend and you could fill the box with any of your favourite beauty products. I appeared to have totally forgotten the box part of the challenge, so sent Sam's goodies off in a brown package. Sorry Sam!
Who wants to find out what Sam bought me? Read on...

I was such a lucky girl to have a beauty box swap with someone like Sam. She showered me with gifts and really made the most with the budget! First is a can of Colour Extreme Pink Hair Spray. Pretty cool and super for temporarily switching up your hair for an evening shindig. So...? Sinful has a lovely combination smell of vanillary chocolate with floral tones. (Oh fancy!) A nice bold yellow beautyuk nail polish will be a welcome addition to my prominently pink polish collection. Chocolate Santa- it wouldn't be Christmas without one!

A lovely set of make-up brushes which will be great now to have a set for my home home and a set for my Uni home. The compact mirror and toe separators go so well as a set with the brushes due to the glistening grey and sparkling silver colourings. 

Perfect packets of White Chocolate Face Mask, Peppermint Tea Leaves, Virgin Olive Oil Day Cream and a Braw Bar.

The Eye Primer from beautyuk was a much needed addition to my make up collection. Hopefully now I will have luscious long lasting make up. The bath bomb smells beautifully floral. Looking forward to having a relaxing bath with that. A colourful skull bracelet will jazz up my outfits over the darker wintry season. Chocolate Coins- another feature Christmas wouldn't be complete without!

I'd like to say a massive thanks to Sam for being such a super beauty box swap partner and also to Nyss for organising the whole thing. 
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow


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