Monday, 16 December 2013

Trendy Tutorial

Hey Guys!

In Uni today we had one-to-one tutorials about out first major project we handed in. It was called Fashion is Dead- which sounds a little extreme and is a massive statement, but it was quite fun really. This was the first go I’d had at fashion forecasting. It’s a lot harder than it sounds, much trickier than forecasting the weather (although I’ve never done that either, so I what do I know!). We had to predict a trend for 2016 Spring/Summer OR 2016/17 Autumn/Winter. I chose the latter and went with marbled red, yellow and oranges to reflect the surface pattern of Jupiter. That might sound like a totally random idea, but there is a whole sketchbook of research that makes this trend marginally more plausible. Turns out the proj was fine and dandy and I was estimated a little higher than average 2:2, not bad for a first go!

Here is my trendy tutorial outfit. It appears my ‘winter wardrobe’ is predominantly navy blue and black. Those colours appear in most of my winter looks, just like this one! I lifted the darker tones with the white base to the striped (awks, just found out I’ve been spelling striped wrong for, like, my ENTIRE life!) top and the silver and aqua necklace. The blue bodycon skirt is actually a dress but it adds an extra invisible layer if I wear it as a skirt. In winter looking good tends to come second to being warm. Otherwise you’ve got a bad case of whingey Row on your hands which isn’t fun for anyone involved!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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