Thursday, 12 December 2013

Top Tunes of Twenty Thirteen

Hey Guys!

Something a little different here for the #bigblogmasproject. I'm going to give you a quick run down of my totally top tunes of 2013, since the year is drawing to a close. I've put useful music video links to each of the videos for your little ears to have a listen to, and see if you agree with my opinion.

Can't Hold Us- Macklemore and Ryan Lewis ft. Ray Dalton
Without wanting to start every little song review with I love this song, I really do love this one. It's been out since just before spring 2013 (in the UK that is) and do you know what? I've almost cracked the first half... of the first verse rap in the song. It's one of those cases where in my head I can keep up with the pace really well. But when I actually put it into practise, nu-uh, not so good. From beginning to end, the song just builds which is a must if you're going to make it onto Row Bow's playlist.

The Other Side-Jason Derulo
2012 wasn't really JD's year what with the broken neck, cancelling the while tour and all. But boy oh boy, did he come back with a tuuuuuune! I'm not gonna lie this is probs the only one I like that he's actually released this year. (Don't get me started in Trumpets...!) The song is so lovely (lyrically) but also has a funky little dancey beat so it doesn't get overly soppy.

What About Us- The Saturdays
I was super chuffed when I heard that our lovely Sats girls were heading state side. Supported by E! with their own reality show on the network I really thought they might follow in the steps of The Wanted and One Direction. I'm not quite sure they hit those heights but their debut US release is a proper little party cracker! And we all love to pretend we're Sean Paul sometimes don't we?!

Waiting All Night- Rudimental ft Ella Eyre
This will forever and always be Rudimental's best track in my eyes (followed extremely closely but Right Here with Foxes). I think that Ella's vocals are bloomin' marvellous and, it might sound weird, but matches with the power of the trumpets supremely.

Come and Get It- Selena Gomez
To be honest I think the real reason this song has appeared in this list is hugely down to the hot hot hot (did I mention hot?) video. The Selenator looks soooo beautiful. I love the all of the visuals but, obvz, the styling the most! However the song was a great introduction to a more grown up musical direction for Gomzzz. Totally flawless and made the breaking the Disney image look easy. Whereas it is apparent certain others have found it slightly trickier...

Clarity- Zedd ft Foxes
2013 was the year I fell in love with Foxes. I'm delving into her older stuff now but I do love the feature vocals she has done this year. We've had Fall Out Boy, Rudimental and Zedd amongst others I'm sure. I was first enlightened to Zedd via the MTV VMA awards. He was nominated for something or other and when I saw his clip with this song I made it my mission to hear the whole song. Natch it wasn't too hard, thanks Google!

Little White Lies- One Direction
So, no list of music is compete without a special 1D mention. Whether a positive or a negative list they always wriggle their way in! This is an album track from their latest album,' Midnight Memories'. I love the almost dubsteppy/house vibe the boys delve into. To be honest the album is full of quite an eclectic mixture if sounds but this is ma fave.

Drum Roll Please.....

And the winner for Row Bow's all time fave song of the year (even though it was only released in September) issssss.....

MKS -Flatline
Yeah buddy! I was super stoked (do people still use that word?) for the return of the Sugababes. But in their original line up they now make MKS. (I wish I could be that creative). The collaboration of the drums and Ohhs & Ahhs gives a great tribal essence towards the middle 8. It's much 'cooler' than the most recent selection of Sugababes and has a similar vein to the early Sugababes music.

I feel like a bad mother who forgets her children. I'm sure I've left many of my favourite songs out of the list, for example where's Union J's mention? But these are the ones I could still happily listen to even after a year of them! Now I feel like an even worse mother who has not only chosen her favourite children, but left the ones she didn't like so much at the school gate all sad and lonely. Ma bad, hehe!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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