Sunday, 8 December 2013

Tartan Take Two

Hey Guys!

Tartan is a super trend this Autumn/Winter season so here is another Row Bow take on the trend. I wore this outfit to work and it's a little different to the vision of colour I usually am (I've genuinely had parents comment on the vision of colour I am-somebody notices!). I've defo got a more mature Row Bow look going on here. Anyone else feeling that?

The dress is my Karma Clothing tartan bodycon dress as featured here and here. Since I've teamed it with the large black jumper it looks like a skirt here. When the jumper is in full length finishes below past my bum, so it's actually quite long. And it's only a Tesco School uniform top! To tackle this problem, because only a couple of inches of the skirt would have been visible if I'd have left it that long, I decided to fold the jumper in upon itself and belt it in place. This has resulted in a peplum effect. Ohh, how creative Row Bow! I've gone for thick black tights and dolly shoes to complete the look.

Row Bow loves her bling and the necklace worn with this outfit doesn't come much blingy-er! I wore the look to uni the next week and during a styling practical lesson the teacher whipped it off me and on the model it went! What a vicious industry I'm going to be working in!

I'm such a child deep down inside, I love my hair like this. I tend to so for a bit-up-bit-down hair style if I'm not really thinking about it. But this hair style wears the bit-up a little higher than normal and brings back more child-like pineapple hair memories the higher it goes. #lovinglife

Loving the autumn colours of the leaves, they coordinate with my dress so well!
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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