Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Pretty Presentation

Hey Guys!

Today I had to give a presentation all about an online subculture, Otherkin. You can check out my groups efforts here on the Red Lashes & BlueLips tumblr. We’re soo hi-tech, hehe! I even managed to pop up a cheeky selfie or two using images from this blog. We had to create an informative response from our own group lead research into a subculture that hadn't gone mainstream yet. I'm not gonna lie, I feel like the other groups hadn’t found as non-mainstream one as we had. Mainly because I’d heard of both of them and I am a Mainstream Princess! So I yester’s tutorial I got a 2:2 and for today’s presentation my group got a VERY high 2:1. We think the only reason we didn’t get a first is because we’re only first years. It was very much deserved by MOST members of our group, shall we say…

As it’s the last week of term I’m trying not to wear too many separate garments, as that just makes more washing and packing for me. #effort! So I chose to wear the same blue bodycon dress as yesterday but style it up a little different. Instead today, I wrapped a wide elasticated belt around the middle and complemented it with a silver statement necklace. Then I popped my sailboat print cardigan from Kylie, at M&Co and away I went. I like dressing up when I’m presenting or have an important day so I slipped on the heeled long boots. Lovely Jubbly!


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