Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Pretty Colours

Hey Guys!

As I write this I am sat on the floor of the train journey home. Mmmmm... Hygienic! But being all cool and alternative and sitting on the floor is just the way I roll!

This colourful look was a number I wore to work last week and even my boss thought it was a lovely look. Appaz I was in the flow of dancing with the kids but she did comment in how wonderful all my colours went together. Because the red top has beautiful sequin details on the shoulders, I hardly ever put it on. It means that I'd have to hand wash it and I am not up for that so much. #effort! I think that the specific tones the red and purple compliment each other so well, they make me feel all Christmassy. Yay! I added a more plum toned purple scarf to give the outfit a little new depth. I like the look with black tights and black shoes ( and a black cardi out of shot) but I think bare legs/ tan tights would work well too. (Uh-oh! The Wonderful Thing About Tigger's just came on shuffle. I'll try to keep my joyous excitement contained while I'm on the train!)
I kept my jewellery very simple because the sparkly shoulders did a lot of the talking for me. I am wearing my little horseshoe pendant necklace so there was some sort detail in the gaping space there. This matches with the silver belt I wrapped around my waist. If I'd have gone a totally gold be I'd literally have been the walking definition of Christmas. Hehe!

Personally, I know I am late on this, I think Eminem's newest song with Rihanna is actually really good. I haven't quite wrapped my mouth around all I the gangsta rap yet- but it's only a matter of time before I'll be waxing lyrical! The chorus is really catchy and sounds quite contained for Rihanna actually. I like the subtler sound.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow


  1. In love! And your hair is incredible ❤️ X

    1. Thanks so much Emilie! It's a bit of a mission to control my hair!

      Row Bow


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