Friday, 6 December 2013

Mix-and-Match Pattern and Print

Hey Guys!

A little more dressing up Row Bow stylee here. Not that I've actually worn this anywhere but if I'm in desperate need of a new look, e.g when somebody else turns up in the same outfit as me (not that that ever happens!), I know where to look.

I never used to be a mix-and-match-my-pattern-and-print kinda gal, but Woah, look at me now! I think that the mismatched combination works because the top, although is a bold leopard print, sticks to a monochrome pallet. This allows for all the colour and action on the skirt to be the 'Ohh la la' in the look. There isn't much other styling to the look because of the intense combo of prints. A small necklace would get lost in the look and anything chunky or dainty around the wrists would clutter the appearance.
The shoes are pretty cool with their studs and all, but as they are pale the almost blend in against my pale legs and take tones from the black and white top.

I'm feeling a little wild lion hair going on here, a la Little Mix'x Jesy circa 2011/12. Speaking of those Little Mixers I really like their new tune, Little Me. It's an uplifting, 'You can do it kind!' of affair. I'd call it the Change Your Life of the Salute Alumb. But I've not heard the whole thing yet so that's still up for debate. I've heard some great reviews of the album and I loved (still do love) Move, so I best give it a listen soon!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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