Wednesday, 11 December 2013

It's Simply Black and White

Hey Guys!

If we keep this between the two of us I'm sure no on will notice I'm a wee bit late on posting this, Shh. There's nothing like a little bit of cheeky back-dating! I have been writing an exhibition review essay, so I have a legit reason, honest! I went to the V&A exhibition, 'Club to Catwalk: London Fashion through the 1980s'. Bit weird but you'll have to wait until I become a fully fledged published author before you get to hear all of my opinions, HeHe!

This is my look for work from last weekend. I work at a children's drama group, so I don't have a uniform. I just need to be able to prance about easily and be able to move as quick as the kiddies in my outfit! So I usually go for a skirt/dress or leggings based look. I've worn this dress (from Kylie at M&Co I might add!) before here, when I added a couple of colourful pieces to the look. But this time I have stuck to a very black and white tonal appearance. I chose to wear the baggy white jumper top over the dress to give a more interesting silhouette. Due to the lower neckline of the jumper, it meant I could pull out the dress' collar and rest it over the top. #lovemycollars! I forgot to wear a slip underneath the dress so it kept clinging to my tights, so let that be a lesson- Never Forget The Slip! I have a polka dot skirt which this look would have worked better without the slip underneath. But I forgot. I do a pretty good job pretending to be perfect but that was one of my off days, HeHe! After having a little rummage in my jewellery collection I found this cute teddy bear necklace. I think it's my sisters, and she'll probs only find out now hat I was wearing it. Oh Well, Soz Babes! And of course I'm wearing signature Row Bow bright pink lippy to make those precious pouts extra pretty!

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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