Monday, 2 December 2013

Crazy Cat Lady

Hey Guys!

Today's look is from a week ago when I met Rihanna's stylist. Cray cray I know right! She is so lovely and her career has been built in pure drive (with a strong sprinkling of luck!) . Avigail travels with and dresses Rihanna for her European dates and appearances. Initially, he began fashion design and it was during her final proj at uni she set up her own label of leather jackets. She managed to get a response from an important lady at MTV and it all took off from there. It sounds like the stuff dreams are made of doesn't it? One day I'm hoping to 'bump' (I really mean casually purposefully crash into) Johnny Wujek (Katy Perry's stylist) and he'll let me dress Katy for her tours. So, y'know, Johnny if you're out there Holla me up! Avigail also dresses Eliza Doolittle, Pixie Lott and Jessie Ware. She wore a very Jessie style ensemble web we met her, with black trousers and black vest top with an oversized white shirt over the top. Appaz they've been friends for a while so web Jessie needed a look she went to Avigali for advice. Again, any of my buds, you need a new look just Holla at me! 

When I was getting my shizz together in the morning I didn't know the lady I was going to met was best of buds with Rihanna. So I'll admit I did look more childlike than chic. But her I'm a Katy-kat, #represent! I didn't relate how many different leopard print pieces I have and all the different colour ways they're in! I teamed my pale grey leopard print elasticated waist skirt with my monochrome leopard print wooly jumper. What I left out of the outfit was the green and pink leopard print scarf and regular leopard print brown boots that I also own. I think because the colour schemes if the top and skirt bled well together the print doesn't seem so intense or overpowering. I have been waiting for the perfect moment to whip out my floral car ears. I wore bright pink lipstick to complement the pink flowers. But I the in should have gone for a paler pink lippy and heavier eye makeup. Sometimes I feel my face ad features just look so flat that they NEED some sort of definition. As the print of my look is quite full on, I left the jewellery so not to create clutter in the look.

Oodles and Toodles

Row Bow

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