Saturday, 14 December 2013

Christmas Elf Row

Hey Guys!

This is the most festive I've felt since the beginning of December. I know there are many colour combinations that aren't meant to be seen together. There's pink and red, black and brown but then I wasn't sure if it was blue and green or red and green should never be seen. I always thought it was the latter as they are Christmas colours. But since we're in the Christmas time of advent I feel fully fledged to make the most of my red ad green clothes. 

I started this look with my dark green  peplum dress from New Look. I find the peplum dress more flattering than the peplum tops on me. What do you like? I then added my red jumper which has lovely jewelled shoulders for an extra bit of Christmas glitz! As I did with this look also for work, I decided to fold the jumper underneath and inwards on itself so that I created a short length for it. This meant the lovely peplum flare could be seen and be part f my look. I used a think black belt to fix this alteration into place. Otherwise it would have fallen out from all the bounding about I do at work!

I kept the jewellery simple mainly because I don't want to be fiddling with it or worry about loosing it when I have lots of other things to take note of, as we work up to our show date! So I just had a delicate little gold beaded ring with jewelled details. I was in a little pickle over which lipstick I should wear. Dark red or bright red? It was a tough decision but I wet for bright red to match the top.
Do I look glam enough to do the mopping of floors or what? Because that's what I ended up doing after a silly kiddie 
spilt nearly his whole bottle of smoothie in the middle of the room!

Earlier in the year we heard the first release from Neon Jungle, Trouble. Now they have a newer tune which sticks to the electronic background sounds but I think might be their attempt at a slower sound. It's called Braveheart.

Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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