Sunday, 1 December 2013


Hey Guys!

First of all Happy 25 Days until Christmas! I feel like 2013 has gone past crazy quick! Today is the first day of a very exciting adventure for all of us. It's time to officially commence the #bigblogmasproject, Woo-Hoo! This started as a little idea by Cole from Coleoftheball, where we blog every day from the beginning of December to Christmas Day. It was just what I needed to give myself a kick start to posting in my blog again. I realise it hasn't been the same since I started my degree at Uni (It's hard work at the top, hehe!). Here is a list of other bloggers taking part. They are all totes amaze and I really suggest you check them out and perhaps give a cheeky follow to a couple...

Coleoftheball   Kammitted   Pp_puff   Missbeccabeauty   Hanclarky  Ambipage   Jessbarnes  Cometomybdr   Bw_sheep   Ohkalukalay  Missmills_   Lovelyjubbly8   Nikmakeupjunkie   Tansandtiarasx Vintageteapot  Amelia_florence   Likeslippy   Twiceuponablonde   SGBlogxx   Thebeauty_baker  Berrycrumblexxx   April_todd   BethanywellsMUA   Sassydoveblog   _Sammyjane_x  Bexclaree_ Kellovesclothes   Hannahlouisa__   CourtneeeyJ   2sisters1blog  Unexpected_roar  Char_beyy   Naomi_joy_   Neyavbeautytalk
Victoiraearls   Anothergirlyblg   Beautyblogger20 Cerysannex   Missksmudger   Sarah_lumsden  Byalextweets   Sarahivell8   Jessicakbrown  Shadowlinergirl   Allmadeup21Hintofsparkle   Jessiekinsxo   Srslylou  Tayscollectionn   Lianne84 Cutelil_b_blog   Chloe_bellamy   Kendalsblog   CMWB   Lucy_a_bigail   Sophieeroseex   Jesslynjuly   Misslaurameow    Adaynasaur   Hitnmiff   Knitteddaisy  Sweetsparklyser  4evafashion92   Mallowbeauty   Beautysupergirl Aqeela_mua  Jordanmarie89   Polkadotteapot2   Fashforeverblog   Kelseyshepherd_ Hmkeyes   Dixxgina   Uggynog   imogenrose20   Joni_blog Laural0uisee   Frostedplanet   Rowbowk (This one is me, obvz!)   Maclovergirl96   Danniannie Juststephblog  _bethhenderson   saloca    Kaitlynisabel   _nameofbeauty   cutesybluekitty


Get excited for 3 and a half weeks on non-stop Row Bow, what could be better?
Oodles and Toodles
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